We wanted a better way to upcycle

It all started one Saturday afternoon while I was going down the YouTube rabbit hole, looking for inspiration to makeover an old cabinet that I was originally going to throw away.

I didn't want to paint it as I have literally zero talent in that department, so I was looking for alternative ways to decorate without the paint.

Eventually I came across a woman who was using wallpaper to cover her furniture instead of paint. It was messy and wasn't the best solution but it kinda worked. The end result was truly stunning - I loved the idea, but I just couldn't see myself messing about with wallpaper paste, I thought there must be a better way. 

Slightly obsessed at this point, I started looking at alternative ways I could do the same thing but minus the wallpaper, and eventually landed on vinyl. But the only decent vinyl I could find was in boring, block colors. 

I called my arty friend who had a background in design, and we soon got to designing our own vinyl that could work well on furniture, and before you know it Supernice was born.